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From Our Family To Yours

If you’re looking for home care in the Sevenoaks, Gravesham and Dartford areas, we can help. We offer personalised daily care, night care, live-in care and respite care. All our caregivers are highly-trained and friendly.  

It doesn’t matter whether you’re privately funded, local authority funded or a combination of both we would be delighted if you become part of the Vitality family. 

Why don’t you give us a call to find out how our compassionate team of caregivers can help you get the most from life.

Home to Decide

Vitality Home Health provides a service called Home to Decide. This service has been put into place as a result of people having no options if the hospital deems them as unable to return home, effectively they require 24/7 care. This is a realistic option to see if they can effectively manage back at home, with a package of care underpinning a 4 week trial period.

We are able to discharge a customer home from hospital in a Wheel Chair Assistance Vehicle into the care and support of a Carer who will reside along side the customer for the duration of the trial period, this carer would monitor all aspects of care.

There is access to our GP if required, as it is almost impossible to obtain a GP appointment currently.

At the end of the 4 week period, we would hold a review meeting, where all observations are discussed. The customer would voice their opinion on the service also.

If at the end of the meeting, the customer and family feel that a nursing or residential home is the preferred option, we would continue to care until a home is sourced or alternatively, a decision is made to continue to care at home, we would continue.

For the duration of the 4 week trial period, there is no contract in place. We work digitally using handheld devices to complete all notes and care plans Family will have automatic access daily to these notes and can even message the office via the app.

The whole process is overseen by an office of highly experienced and qualified staff, who visit the home environment weekly to ensure all is going well.

This scheme has proved to be extremely effective for our customers who have entered our care service via this method.


It Costs Nothing for Peace of Mind

We understand that there are many concerns when considering care for yourself or a loved one and a million and one questions you may have.  Our friendly and experienced staff are always here to answer any questions you may have before deciding on any future care, whatever that may end up being.  If you find yourself needing some peace of mind regarding care, please do give us a call.

VHH - from crisis to wellbeing

From crisis to well-being

Are you struggling with your usual life or have you suddenly become unwell or received a diagnosis that you are worried about and trying to make sense of? Day by day is life becoming more difficult and you find yourself needing help. Vitality Home Health can step in and ease the situation with quality care, advice and support enabling family members to remain as family and not have to adopt the role of carer. We believe precious family relationships should remain as just that, family.

VHH - From disability to re-ablement

From disability to reablement

Utilising the most up to date care and support allow Vitality Home Health to promote you to regard disability as a thing of the past. Vitality Home Health can support you to relearn how to complete daily activities like cooking a meal, getting washed and dressed daily or even going to the shops. Vitality Home Health staff will support you every step of the way to promote the skills you require.

VHH - from isolation to community action

From isolation to community action

Have you always enjoyed being part of your local community, attended local clubs, attended your place of worship, popped to the library or a catch-up with friends over a cuppa? But, recently you have found it all a little too much and need help to be able to do this? Isolation is an awful feeling. With Vitality Home Health staff, we can assist you to return to enjoying these times by supporting you to attend and giving you the confidence you may have lost over the past weeks or months.

VHH - From dependency to independence

From dependency to independence

Are you finding that mum or dad are becoming more dependent on you? Are you struggling to find the time to devote to them without upsetting work or intruding on personal life? Maybe, they live miles away and its really difficult to visit them as often as you would like. Vitality Home Health can support your loved ones to gain their independence by supporting them in a way that is helpful, kind and gives you the reassurance that they are living independently in their own home.

VHH - from separation to integration

From separation to integration

Is life not really like it used to be? Are you feeling separated from your family and friends? With care and support from Vitality Home Health staff we can enable you to look forward to joining your friends again, attend family functions, or even allow us to source local events for you to attend. In a wheelchair? No problem, we have our wheelchair assistance vehicles which we can use to transport you to where you would like to go.

VHH - from ignorance to informed consumer

From ignorance to informed consumer

Where do you go if suddenly mum, dad or a friend needs care or is leaving hospital? Have no idea what happens next? Where is the information you need? There are 100's of leaflets out there but do you need someone to pick up the phone and actually speak to you? We understand that nobody really understands care until they suddenly need it. We have the knowledge and experience to answer all your questions, give you peace of mind and to support you every step of the way.

If you are unsure how to source care for yourself or a loved one or the level of care needed.  This informative video created by Social Work with Older People Research may prove helpful.

How can a social worker help you?  (English with subtitles)

How can a social worker help you? (Punjabi with subtitles)

VHH - One-to-one care

Home Care for


Stay independent in the home you love, with Vitality Home Health.  

VHH Home care for couples

Home Care for


Needing care doesn’t have to mean living separately.  If you’re part of a couple, Vitality Home Health helps you stay together in your own home.

Ready for exceptional home care for your loved one?

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How we meet your specialist care needs

At Vitality Home Health, we have specialist expertise in stroke recovery, and in care for people with diabetes, dementia, and other complex or long-term conditions.

VHH - Specialist Dementia Care

Dementia care

VHH End of life care

End of Life care

VHH Learning & physical difficulties

Learning & Physical Disabilities

VHH - hospital to home (1)

Hospital to Home

Learn more about home care with Vitality Home Health

VHH Benefits of home care

Benefits of home care

Vitality Home Health makes it easy to enjoy exceptional care, in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

VHH - are all home care providers the same

Are all providers the same?

Choosing the right home care provider is an important decision.  There are different types available, so it helps to know you’re comparing like with like.

VHH - specialist care at home

Can you offer specialist care?

Whether you require ongoing, round-the-clock help or short-term respite, Vitality Home Health supports people with a range of medical conditions.

VHH - what does home care offer

What does home care offer?

Your carer offers high-quality care, help with tasks at home, and good company, always with your wishes in mind.

Vitality Home Health is fully registered with and inspected by the

Care Quality Commission.

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