A story of true love

We would like to introduce you to a very special couple.  Meet David and Rose.

VHH - David and Rose

They really are Vitality’s very own Diamond Couple.  This August they will be celebrating 60 years of marriage.  

We asked this special couple, what is the answer to a long and happy marriage and they responded, give and take, listening to each other and finding the right one!

David and Rose are parents to Peter and Michael, and when we posted about their wonderful Mum and Dad on social media, they responded with these comments:

Michael Taylor

That’s lovely thank you vitality you have done a great job since coming out of hospital.

Claire Taylor

Ahh my lovely mum and dad in law ❤️ that has just bought tears to my eyes 🥲…. I can’t thank Vitality enough in supporting them and enabling them to be able to stay together in their own home . Extra special thanks to Jiji and Steffy Thank you x

Peter Taylor

I second Mike and Claire’s comments. I had my concerns about how mum and dad would take to having live in carers, but Jiji and Steffy have been there to reassure them.

We are sure you will join us in wishing them many more years of happiness.

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