Cancer Care at home

Finding out you have cancer is usually a shock. When you’re diagnosed, you may experience a range of different emotions, including fear, anger and sadness. There’s often a lot to think about, too. When you’re starting a treatment plan, you may have worries about work, finances or family responsibilities. A cancer diagnosis affects the whole family and if someone you love is facing this situation, it’s an emotional time for you, too.  There can be a lot of uncertainty. Having the right support and cancer care in place will make all the difference. 

How we can help

You may not have thought about having home care when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. But our friendly, professional caregivers can take care of your practical and emotional needs and ease the pressure. Our support is personalised to you.  


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Our cancer care at home

Expert support 
Our care supervisors will come to your home to meet you and assess your needs. Together, you’ll develop a gentle and manageable plan for nutrition, activity and other lifestyle changes to support your quality of life and energy levels while you’re having treatment. He’ll also be on hand if you have any questions or need any extra medical support during your treatment and recovery. 

Personal care 
Our compassionate Vitality caregivers can support you if you need any help with washing or dressing. They’re trained to watch out for complications that can affect people with cancer, such as infections, skin problems and a sore mouth. 

Help around the home 
Cancer treatment may leave you without much energy to look after your home. Our caregivers can look after some of your household tasks so you can focus on recovering and doing things you enjoy to lift your mood. 

Emotional support 

Our friendly caregivers understand that going through the cancer care system can be isolating and scary at times. They’ll take time getting to know you and are always happy to offer a listening ear.  

Joined-up care 

Our pioneering smart technology makes it easy for you and everyone involved in your care to stay updated. Family members can also be connected if you wish. 

If you’d like to talk to us about care at home when you have a cancer diagnosis.

If your cancer is advanced

Our Vitality caregivers are trained to support you should you need pain relief and palliative care. They’re experienced in giving you the gentle physical and emotional support that helps make this stage as comfortable as possible.   

We can also help you think about end-of-life care.

When we start supporting you, you become part of the Vitality family. We’re here to give you whatever you need on this journey, in the comfort of your own home. 

If you need any further support there are organisations that can offer further help.  Marie Curie, Cancer Support UK

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