Care for Parkinson’s Disease

We understand that living with Parkinson’s Disease can be challenging. As the condition progresses, the symptoms can get worse and it can become difficult to carry out everyday tasks without help.  

All our caregivers are highly trained to care for someone who’s having problems with their balance, loss of smell, sleep and memory. They are also aware that due to Parkinson’s Disease, you’re more at risk of serious and life-threatening infections.

VHH Parkinson's Disease

How we can help with Parkinson's Disease

If you have Parkinson’s Disease, having support in your own home can make a real difference to your quality of life. It can help you stay independent, take some pressure off your relationships and allow you to get on with enjoying your life.   

What we offer

Day to day help 

If you’re having tremors, your movement is slow and your muscles are stiff, you may find everyday tasks, such as personal care, housework and shopping can become difficult. Our caregivers are friendly and will be happy to give you all the support you need. And you’ll get to spend more time doing the hobbies and activities you enjoy. 

Emotional support 

It’s common for people with Parkinson’s Disease to experience depression and anxiety. Our caregivers will always be happy to sit and have a chat. Their aim will be to listen to how you’re feeling and to help you find solutions to any problems you may be having. 

Holistic healthcare  

We can help you get into a routine with your medicines and go for important check-ups. Our GP can look at the medicines you’ve been prescribed to check how they’re supporting you. And with our exciting new smart technology everyone involved in your care can stay updated, including family members if you wish. 

A personalised well-being programme  

Our Medical Director, Dr. Sahota, will carry out a holistic lifestyle assessment and develop a personalised nutrition and activity programme to help you stay as independent as possible.  

Help getting out and about  

We can help with mobility, if you need us to. We can help to arrange an accessible vehicle to take you and your mobility equipment wherever you need to go.   

For additional help and support with your condition, visit Parkinson’s UK website.

Our friendly, highly trained caregivers want to help you get the most from life.

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