Delegated Healthcare Activities

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On the 29th February Wendy, Registered Manager and Operations Director Debbie travelled into London to take part in the Delegated Healthcare Activities Forum, facilitated by Skills for Care. It was a day full of professionals from the Government, CQC and a plethora of nurses from the NHS and Social Care all joining together to discuss DHA’s and how we can create a model integrated for patients/customers to benefit first and foremost. This was a National Forum and meeting people from far reaching parts of the UK and discovering how they are dealing with the pressures upon us all was interesting. Listening to experts in this field who have employed their own PA’s and hearing the benefits of Delegated Healthcare Activities was enlightening and life changing. Clearly, funding was a hot topic, and where funding will come into play.

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VHH - Wendy at Delegated Healthcare Activities meet
What are Delegated Healthcare Activities?

A delegated healthcare activity is an activity that a regulated healthcare professional, such as a nurse, nursing associate, occupational therapist or speech and language therapist, delegates to a care worker or personal assistant.

Examples of Delegated Healthcare Tasks
  • Wound dressing 
  • Blood Glucose monitoring
  • Administration of most medications
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