Diabetes Care at Home

Having a diagnosis of diabetes means that your routine and lifestyle choices are more important than ever. Our team understands what support you need and can offer you expert care at home to give you the best chance of staying independent and being able to do all the things you enjoy. 

How we can help diabetes sufferers

We know that diabetes affects everyone differently. All our caregivers are highly trained to spot and care for potential problems in your eyes, feet, heart, kidneys and gums. We meet you wherever you are and will personalise your care to your individual needs. We see you as the whole person you are, and give you the support that works for you.  

VHH - Diabetes care

What we offer

A personalised well-being programme  
One of our GPs can carry out a holistic lifestyle assessment if requested, and develop a personalised nutrition and activity programme to help you eat well, move more and lose weight if you need to.  The aim will be to help keep your blood sugar stable, which lowers your risk of having problems linked to diabetes.   

A review of your treatment  
Our GP can look at the medicines you’ve been prescribed to check how they’re supporting you. He can work with other members of your healthcare team to make sure you’re taking the right medicines at the right doses for you. And if you need any help with getting into a routine with your medicines and healthcare check-ups, we can support you with that too.   

We’re here to support you with what you need and when you need it. We offer short-term and long-term daily visits,  night care, live-in and respite care.

The help you need 

Our caregivers are here to help you with some of your everyday tasks, your personal care, your healthcare needs and your household jobs. Just tell us what you need. Then you can get on with enjoying life. 

Joined-up care    

We’re proud of our pioneering smart technology. It makes it easy for you, our team, your GP and diabetes nurses to stay updated. Family members can also be connected if that’s what you want. 


If you need more information or support on living with diabetes, expert help is available from Diabetes UK.  

We’re here to listen to your individual needs – so we can tailor our care to meet them. 

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