Extension of Visas for Vitality Staff

We are very proud and happy to announce that Jiji, Steffy, Beena and Shabnam have agreed to extend their Visas for another 3 years!

How time flies! It was two years ago, that we welcomed these ladies into our company. They were so brave and trusting to leave their families and lives in India and make the long journey to the UK and more importantly to Kent to start their new careers.

It was very clear from Day 1 that these ladies really were perfect candidates to work with us.

They have each settled well living in Kent and have made a huge difference to many people’s lives. They have all been firm favourites with many of our customers over the past two years.

Expecting people to simply slot into a new life, really is a big ask, but these four made huge efforts in all areas of their training and it wasn’t very long before they had adjusted into a new way of life during their working hours.

We are very grateful to them for their dedication, work ethic and loyalty to Vitality Home Health and we are thrilled they have agreed to continue working with us for the next 3 years and hopefully beyond. Staff like Jiji, Steffy, Beena and Shabnam don’t come along very often and it just shows how fortunate Vitality Home Health and their customers are to have these ladies working with us

VHH - Visa extension staff
VHH - Beena
VHH - Steffi
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