Our Complementary GP Services

Our Medical Director leads our complementary GP Services, which in turn supports our caregivers. 

Our GP Services

You’ll have access to a team of private GPs who will support you, along with your NHS GP, to ensure you receive the very best care, taking into account the things in life you enjoy, and things that your doctor believes could be helpful for your condition.  

Our GP teams support our caregivers with queries you or your family may have, such as questions about administering medication, drug reactions and any new health needs.  

VHH - GP Services - Dr Sahota

The benefits of GP-supported care

We are highly trained to look after your individual healthcare needs 
If you need specialist support or nursing at home, we’re here for you. Perhaps you or a loved one has a progressive illness, such as dementia, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s or motor neurone disease (MND). Maybe you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes. It may be that you have an unpredictable condition where you tend to have good days and difficult days, such as arthritis or MS. Or maybe you need some highly specialised care because you’ve had a stroke, a spinal cord injury, you have cancer or you need palliative care (pain relief and care for life-threatening illnesses).   

We can keep in touch with your GP and healthcare team 
Our GP can review the medicines you’ve been prescribed to check how they’re supporting you. He can also work with other members of your healthcare team to make sure you’re getting all the support you need. This may include your GP, a consultant, specialist nursing staff and/or occupational therapists or physiotherapists.   

We’ve invested in smart technology so your care is joined up 
When your caregiver visits, they’ll record information about your food and eating, moods, general health, activities and outings. They’ll use a digital, hand-held device – like a phone – to do this. The team in our office can see the updates straight away. They are always ready to help with any questions or concerns. You can look at the information as well – and so can your family or friends, if you wish. That way, everybody involved in your care can see how you’re doing. 

We offer 24-hour support 
Our on-call system means you can speak to someone even when our offices are closed. Our GPs support our on-call system with any issues that may come up outside hours. We’re only ever a phone call away, so you can feel reassured we’re always there to help.  

Our Medical Director, Dr. Sahota is a longstanding and respected General Practitioner at the Pelham Medical Practice in Gravesend.

We can make life easier in a way that works for you. Why don’t you call us to find out how we can support you? 

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