Hospital To Home Care

Support Moving from Hospital to Home Gravesend & Dartford


Our VitalityGP understands that the support an individual receives after being discharged from the hospital is crucial in ensuring he or she is not readmitted to hospital or relocated to a care home.

Our team are passionate and experienced in solving this problem.

Our VitalityGP will assess each customer in the comfort of his or her home and formulate a tailored, individual plan with the Vitality Care Manager and Vitality Care Givers to enable the customer to get back on their feet and return to a revitalised, independent and comfortable life.

Frequently under hospital care, customers’ medication will have been changed which can actually have negative effects once the customer is recovering at home. In this situation, our VitalityGP can liaise with our Vitality Care Givers who will communicate directly with the customer’s GP to assess them.

Our careful approach will assist, enable and revitalise the customer as they make a move from hospital to home.

Dr Sahota

Dr Sahota’s Tips

"Take a 15-20 minute brisk walk outdoors to help both the heart and brain."

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