Learning and Physical Disabilities

Learning and Physical Disabilities

"There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more"

The basis of our VitalityPromise is a commitment to seeing each customer as a person and not just their disability. We are here not just to care but to maximise the potential of each individual.


Our care plan not only takes into account what the customer cannot do but also focuses on what the person can do. We recognise that the care received from the medical profession by those with a learning disability is frequently substandard because they do not have a voice. We are committed to being their voice.

Our VitalityGP is especially passionate that any customer with a learning disability should receive exceptional care.


The VitalityGP will meet with each customer and the wider VitalityFamily to develop a tailored nutrition and exercise programme. This is very important as those with learning disabilities are at a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and dementia.

Our Vitality Care Givers will provide high-quality, exceptional care to allow the customer to live life the way they choose to and help the person follow the VitalityLifestyle programme.

Dr Sahota

Dr Sahota’s Tips

"Do take a Vitamin D tablet daily especially over the winter vital for bones and general health."

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