Live In Care

Live In Care

What is live in care?

A live in carer lives within your home and allows you or your loved one to remain at home, surrounded by familiar things, neighbours, friends and memories in the relaxed atmosphere that you prefer with a bespoke level of support, tailored individually to suit your needs.

Live in Care can be organized for those people who are becoming frail and require constant supervision throughout the day and support with daily living. Back in the day, families lived close by and were usually available if needed, today sadly, life has changed and families can often live further afield and in some cases overseas, so a Live in Care Giver can often solve the problem of constant supervision.

Home to decide is a service offered by Vitality Home Health to enable people who have been in hospital and have been advised that the only safe option for them is to transfer into a care home. This is a very stressful time for all concerned and we feel an impossible decision to be made in a hospital ward, with limited access to information, guidance from family or even the peace and quiet to think. Vitality Home Health suggests the best place to make these kind of decisions is from the comfort of your own home.

Vitality Home Health can offer sufficient time to make those decisions, compare care homes and make these life changing decisions by offering 24 hour support within your home for as long as required.
Vitality Home Health Care Givers will be expected to provide nutritious meals, support all aspects of personal care including medication support, ensure your safety, housekeeping requirements as well as engage with you throughout the day, encourage your hobbies, support your health and well being and most importantly encourage your independence.

A Live In Care Giver will require a bedroom of their own and while available throughout the day, must have the ability to have 2 hours rest, which can be covered by alternative staff to ensure safety in the Live In Care Givers absence if necessary.

Live in care is an excellent and cost effective alternative to residential care and enables people to retain control and independence.

Vitality Home Health matches experienced companions and professional Care Givers with a wide range of people who wish to continue living in the comfort of their own home and pursue an independent lifestyle on their terms, for as long as possible. Care is tailored towards individual needs and can range from companion care to specialist care in the home. Specialist Care can include working with Dementia, Parkinson’s, post operative, respite care, rehab and palliative scenarios.

Let Vitality Home Health give you total peace of mind by taking away the stress associated with caring for our seniors and return to enjoying spending time as a family.

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