Meet our Carers – Agnes

Agnes is a Care Giver who Joined Vitality Home Health as the Covid Pandemic hit the UK. When the majority of people stayed home Agnes put herself in the front line and joined to help with the crisis.

VHH - News - Agnes in Ukraine 2
VHH - News - Agnes in Ukraine

When the war in Ukraine saw thousands of people cross the border for help from Agnes” native Poland. Agnes jumped in her car and arrived at the border to help out. Supporting them with food and holding the shell-shocked and terrified people literally pouring through the border. Eventually, she returned and we are very proud to announce Agnes has become a British Citizen! Agnes is one of those Christian people who genuinely cares and will travel to countries to make a difference. Agnes is a huge part of Vitality Home Health and we are very proud to have been part of her journey!

VHH - Agnes getting her citizenship
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