Covid-19 Update

As the Covid Guidelines start to relax from the 17th May 2021, it is great to see some of our customers beginning to have the courage to invite family members back into their homes. We have grandchildren providing hugs for their grandparents and Doris Coates meeting her Great grandchild for the first time. Doris said “ I can’t believe I am actually holding my first Great grandchild, I was able to see him on the Carer’s screen but to actually hold him and see him with my own eyes it’s just amazing”.

Doris isn’t the only emotional customer from Vitality Live-in care, many of our staff have reported emotional reunions across Kent. Dr Sahota, Medical Director said, “ It’s the stuff that makes your heart warm, all these months, people have been separated and now to see people coming together is fantastic to see. Not only will this emotionally make people feel better, but their physical health can now improve as families will be drawn back together and people will start to move around more”.

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