Night Care with Vitality Home Health

Night care is when a caregiver stays overnight in your home to help you feel more comfortable. This may mean sleep-in services, where a caregiver stays with you to assist overnight as needed. We also offer waking night care, where a caregiver stays awake to observe you during the night.   

You or a loved one may need this kind of care for a number of different reasons. For example: 

  • You need support with taking medicine at night  
  • You need help to move your position in bed. This may be after an accident or because you have a condition that limits your mobility 
  • You need help with getting up to go to the toilet 
  • A family member helps you during the day but isn’t able to stay overnight 
  • You sometimes get distressed at night and need reassurance 
  • You feel safer having someone with you at night 
  • Someone else usually helps you overnight but needs a temporary break
Vitality - night care

What we offer

Our dedicated Vitality caregivers can give you the overnight support you need, whenever you need it. This may be temporary, on a regular basis or every night. With our support, you can: 

  • Stay in a good routine with your medicines and other healthcare needs 
  • Feel safe in your home, reducing the risk of night-time falls 
  • Have peace of mind so you can sleep better 
  • Remain independent in your home for longer 
  • Ease any confusion or distress that may occur if you wake in the night  

Night care can also be very reassuring for your family members. They’ll sleep easier knowing you have the high-quality care you need.  

We understand it’s a big step to invite someone to come into your home at night, while you sleep. Our friendly, expert Vitality caregivers are fully vetted and trusted – they’re members of the Vitality family and you will be, too.  

If you have any questions, please talk to us – we can discuss everything you want to know about night care.  

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