One-to-one care

Have you reached a point where you need some extra support? This may be ongoing – or temporary, for example, if you’ve just come out of hospital. It may be daily, or at night. Or you may just need our help from time to time, such as when a family member who supports you needs some time off.  

The reasons you may be looking for support at home are as individual as you are. That’s why our home care services are tailored to you and exactly what you need.  

We understand that an older person living with dementia has different needs to a younger person with learning or physical disabilities. Someone who’s recovering from a stay in hospital after an accident needs a different type of care to an older person who’s finding some household tasks a challenge.  

Whatever the reasons you’re thinking about care, our friendly, professional team at Vitality Home Health is here for you. Our one-to-one care will help you stay in your own home, focusing on the things you want to do.  

VHH - One-to-one care

Here are some of the advantages of having our one-to-one care at home: 

  • the independence to live life as you choose, choosing what to eat and drink 
  • the comfort and security of familiar surroundings, which may be especially important if you have a condition such as dementia 
  • the chance to stay in your community, among friends and neighbours 
  • support that eases the pressure on your daily life 
  • the continued company of family members and pets you live with 
  • support and expertise from our GP, who will give you a tailored programme of nutrition and activity 
  • avoiding the upheaval of moving house
  • the opportunity to focus on the activities and relationships you really enjoy, instead of trying to cope with all the household tasks 
  • the friendly company of our Vitality caregivers, who are there to listen and chat as well as give you practical support 

Why not talk to us about your needs? There’s no obligation – we’re happy to discuss what we can offer so you can think about it. 

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