Pet Friendly Care

We know that whether you have one pet or several, they’re an important part of your family. Our caregivers will love them as much as you do, giving them the same level of care and attention they get from you.  We also understand how much a pet can have a positive effect on mental health and well-being, so are always pleased to find a pet in our customer’s homes and encourage as much interaction as possible with them.  Read on to find out about our pet-friendly care.

VHH - pet-friendly care

Our pet-friendly care

  • walking them regularly or whenever they need it   
  • preparing their food and feeding them 
  • cleaning out their crate, hutch, cage or tank 
  • brushing and stroking them 
  • taking them to vet and grooming appointments 
  • getting their food at the local shops or online 
  • playing with them 

So, whatever your pet and whatever your and their needs may be our experienced caregivers and GPs will go the extra mile to ensure you are both happy and healthy at home together.

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