Safe at home

You want to stay in your own home and enjoy your independence. But if you feel vulnerable – for example, because you’re getting older or you have a disability – you may have some worries about living there. You may have concerns about fraud, burglary, your own well-being and other issues.  We can also understand it may feel hard to trust someone coming into your home to care for you. And if you’re looking for support for a loved one, we know you’ll be anxious that anyone who comes in is always honest and caring.  You just want them to be safe.

VHH - Safe at home

Your security comes first 

You’ll be reassured to know that at Vitality Home Health, your safety is our top priority. Our compassionate and experienced Vitality caregivers will help you feel more secure in your home. All our staff are thoroughly vetted and trusted. They’re part of our Vitality family – and when we work with you, so are you or your loved one.  When a caregiver leaves, they’ll carry out a security check of your home and make sure doors and windows are closed and locked.  

Keeping you safe and well

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown there are other safety considerations. You need to know that anyone coming into your home is taking all the precautions possible to reduce infection risk. We take pride in our robust policies on infection control.   

And we’ll look after your well-being in other ways. We can help take steps to help reduce the risk of falls, for example. This attention to safety starts at the very beginning when we come to your home for an initial assessment of your health, needs and home environment.  

We also aim to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, by giving prompt attention to emerging medical problems before they have a chance to get worse. We make sure you see the same caregivers wherever possible, so they get to know you and can quickly pick up on any changes in your health.    

Our smart technology system plays an important role here. It allows you and everyone involved in your care to access up-to-date information on your well-being. Your family members can also access this information if you wish. This means a whole team of people has a clear picture of how you are doing.   

 We completely understand your concerns about safety and will be pleased to answer any questions you have, so you feel reassured.  

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