The Benefits of Home Care

Many of us will have to think about getting support with daily life at some stage. If that time has come for you or someone you love, there can be a lot to take in.  

A lot of people start thinking about residential care homes straight away. But the idea of leaving your home may be heartbreaking. Sometimes, it means being separated from your partner or other family members, including beloved pets. You may not feel ready to lose your independence, your familiar routines and your sense of control.  

A different option

We’re here to give you another choice. Just because you may need some help to manage your daily life, that doesn’t mean you need residential care. Our professional Vitality caregivers can visit you in your home to give you the right support, whether that’s regularly or just at times when you need some extra help.  

Offering as much or as little support as you need, we can help you stay in your own home so you can keep enjoying your independence. You may also feel safer staying in your own home as you’re at lower risk of any infections. 

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Who we help

Our friendly, experienced Vitality caregivers support a wide range of people who need some assistance at home because life has changed. Some of the reasons you may sign up with us include: 

  • getting older  
  • having dementia 
  • living with a long-term condition 
  • going through cancer treatment
  • recovering from an accident or illness


Extra benefits

Our highly trained caregivers can give you the practical and emotional support that allows you to focus on the things you want to do, so you can carry on having a good quality of life.  

We’ll consider you part of the Vitality family, and we’ll be here for whatever you need from us. Read more about the benefits of our care – and why not call us to discuss your needs?  

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