Who We Are

Who Are Vitality Home Health?


We are experts in creating bespoke homecare packages that work for individuals and their families. Our team has many years of experience in the Private Homecare sector and the NHS. Our trusted, professional approach mean we can give you personalised nursing and care whenever and however you need it.

Our teams of GP’s and nurses have over 20 years extensive NHS experience.


Our stringent recruitment and training process means you can rest assured we only provide highly trained, professional and compassionate Vitality Care Givers. We do not cut corners when it comes to recruitment and training.

Excellent Communication

We believe in keeping in close contact with our customers and their families. This gives us the opportunity to support and reassure our customers. It also allows us to reassess and review our customers’ needs, and adjust their care accordingly.

Personalised Costs

After assessing your needs, we will work with you to create a bespoke care package that has everything you need. We will also proactively engage with both public and private healthcare organisations to ensure you have access to the full range of services and funds.


Vitality Home Health Limited is in no way affiliated with VitalityLife Limited or VitalityHealth Limited, and it does not have the necessary permissions to sell VitalityLife or VitalityHealth products.

Dr Sahota

Dr Sahota’s Tips

Take a good probiotic like Actimel or Kefir especially after a course of antibiotics to improve gut health and boost the immune system.

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