Why Choose Vitality Home Health

The decision to arrange home care for yourself or for a loved one can be a huge step. We completely understand that it can be an adjustment to have someone coming into your home. It’s understandable that it can lead to come difficult feelings including anxiety and fear, and sometimes guilt.  
We understand this. We offer quality care in your own home. Our aim is to ease any worries you may have and provide whatever care you need, whenever you need it. 

We employ warm and friendly people. If we wouldn’t trust someone to care for us or our loved ones, we won’t trust them to care for you or yours. We have an in-depth recruitment process to ensure that only the best people get to work with us. We understand the trust that is placed in our caregivers and never compromise.  

It’s important to us that you both feel happy with your caregivers, so we’ll involve you fully when we match you up with a team to support you. Rest assured all our caregivers are trained to be discreet, but on hand when you need them.   

The unique Vitality approach to home care

Care in your own home  
Our Vitality caregivers are compassionate and highly trained to look after your emotional and physical needs. They will treat you as the whole person you are, and give you the support that works for you. Their aim will be to support you to live as independently as possible.

Vitality - Care in your own home

Total flexibility 
We’re here to help you with what you need and when you need it. We offer short-term and long-term daily visits, night care, live-in and respite care.

A highly trained team 
Our team is experienced in helping people every step of the way, whether you’re newly diagnosed, you’re living with a long-term condition or you need gentle palliative care or holistic support at the end of your life.  

Quality GP-assisted care 
Our Vitality GPs will always be available to support our caregivers and customers. 

Practical support 
We can help with a range of everyday tasks, such as making meals, personal care and household chores, including shopping, cleaning and gardening.  

Emotional support 
Our caregivers will always be happy to sit and have a chat. Their aim will be to listen to how you’re feeling and to help you find solutions to manage your emotions. 

Keeping you connected socially 
We understand the importance of family. If you wish, we can keep your family and friends updated on how you’re doing. We will help you care for your pets, and love them just as much as you do. We also know that doing the things you enjoy is an important part of your well-being. So we’ll help you get out and about and keep doing the activities and hobbies you’ve always enjoyed. It’s our mission to help you live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.   

Clever technology 
We’ve invested in a pioneering electronic system that allows everyone in your Vitality home healthcare team to record, share and view information about your care as it happens.  

Got any questions? Or would you like a confidential chat about your needs? We’d love to hear from you.  

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