World Cancer Day 2024

This year World Cancer Day is on Sunday 4th February.

This important global campaign aims to raise awareness of the inequalities of cancer care and prevention across the world.  Over half the population of the world do not have access to basic health services and are therefore denied cancer care.  

The campaign is calling on people around the world to call on their leaders to prioritise cancer care for all people.  The theme for this year’s World Cancer Day is ‘Closing the Care Gap’.

Vitality Home Health fully supports World Cancer Day and urges our customers and associates to do the same.  Even in the UK, there can be a disparity in the level of cancer care on offer, and in countries such as Africa and India, many people will receive little or no treatment for cancer.

WHH World Cancer Day - Did you know?

Vitality Home Health’s medical director, Dr. Manpinder Sahota is a passionate advocate for equality in care and also for prevention and self-care.  Here are his top tips for cancer prevention and self-care:

  1.  Eat a healthy diet full of vegetables, fruit and whole grains.  Avoid processed foods as they contain high levels of trans fats and additives which our body struggles to digest. Take regular exercise, and keep your body and mind active.
  2. Always accept and attend screening appointments for cancers such as cervical, breast, prostate and colorectal.  Early detection hugely increases survival rates.
  3. Early recognition is key.  Self-examination for testicular and breast lumps should be carried out regularly as well as acknowledging and acting on any changes in coughs or bowel movements.

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