Your professional care team

With Vitality live-in care, it’s so reassuring to know that you have a well-trained Personal Assistant on hand every day, and every night.

You may also like to know that they’re supported by our team of healthcare professionals, who are available to help immediately with any concerns that may come up, whether they’re everyday worries or an emergency.

These professionals are also involved in planning your care and updating it regularly as your needs change

Vitality live-in care always includes a complimentary private GP at no extra cost. This service is the inspiration of Dr Manpinder Sahota, a highly experienced GP and one of the founders of Vitality Home Health.

Dr Sahota qualified from St George’s Hospital, London, in 1994 and has been working as GP since 1998. He has a special interest in Type 2 diabetes, and a passion for lifestyle medicine. Due to experience in his own life, looking after those with learning disabilities is very important to him. His dream of combining social and medical care has been realised through the birth of Vitality Home Health.

Our head office team also includes Debbie Moulton, our Director of Operations, who brings her valuable past experience as a paramedic.

After working in the ambulance service in the UK, and with the Red Cross internationally, Debbie decided on a career within health and social care. After a highly successful start in this sector, she decided to develop Vitality Home Health alongside Dr Sahota. Debbie is passionately committed to providing the highest quality of care and the best value for money, taking live-in care to a whole new level.

They’re further supported by a wider team of healthcare professionals including GPs, nurses, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, who provide your individual care.

If you’re looking for exceptional value and exceptional live-in care - for yourself or a loved one - we’re here to help.

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