Stroke Rehabilitation Care

Having a stroke is frightening and it’s natural if you’re feeling very upset and angry that it’s happened to you or a loved one. We understand what support you need at this difficult time. Our personalised, expert care will give you the best chance of making a good recovery and being able to enjoy life again. 

How we can help

Our caregivers know that every situation is different. A stroke can cause problems with mobility, swallowing and continence. It can affect eyesight and cause communication problems, tiredness and problems with memory and concentration. It can trigger depression and/or anxiety. It can also lead to changes in someone’s behaviour 

We will personalise your care to your individual needs and prioritise your dignity at all times. Our expert team is trained to a high standard and will always care for you with kindness and respect.  

What we offer

Quality care in your own home

Our Vitality caregivers are compassionate and highly trained to look after your emotional and physical needs. They will treat you as the whole person you are, and give you the support that works for you. Their aim will be to support you to live as independently as possible. 

We’re here to help you with what you need and when you need it. We offer short-term and long-term daily visits, night care, live-in and respite care.

A personalised nutrition and activity plan 
Your care plan starts with a holistic home assessment by our care supervisor. He has years of experience supporting people who have had a stroke and understands the emotional and physical challenges. He’ll develop a personalised lifestyle prescription to help you recover and regain your independence.     
We can help with some of the everyday tasks that can be a challenge, such as bathing and dressing. We can support you around the house with chores like laundry, cleaning and cooking. You may be surprised how much pressure this takes off you and your family. Our caregivers will also always be happy to sit and have a chat and listen to how you’re feeling.  

Joined-up care    
Our pioneering smart technology makes it easy for you and everyone involved in your care to stay updated. Family members can also be connected if you wish.  

If you need any more information about recovering from a stroke, all the help you need can be found on the Stroke Association website.

VHH Stroke

Why not give us a call to find out how our friendly, highly trained caregivers can support you with your stroke rehab.

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