Stroke Rehabilitation Care

Stroke Rehabilitation Care

The VitalityGP has seen many patients over the years who have suffered from a stroke. We understand the effect it has on one’s independence and the wider family who care and support the individual.

The VitalityGP has developed a specific type of VitalityLifestyle programme designed to rehabilitate those who have suffered a stroke. It is based on two goals:

  • Caring for you during recovery.
  • Giving you back your independence.

Our Vitality Care Givers have been specifically trained to support you to live as independently as possible and help you follow your VitalityLifestyle programme.

Having a stroke is frightening and you may be very upset and angry this has happened to you or your family. We at Vitality Home Health will support you through this difficult time and our bespoke, tailored care will give you a great chance of making a good recovery and being able to live life again as you would like to.

Dr Sahota

Dr Sahota’s Tips

"It is vital to do some strength training as we get older to preserve muscle power and prevent osteoporosis."

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